May 23

Lunch Club 20% Off

By Brian Craig | Upcoming Events

All the Football World Cup matches will be shown with these drink deals PLUS extra deals on the day!

Jug of Beer (4 pints) @ £12
Half Price House Spirits
Half Price Bottled Beer
Jug of Stella (4 pints) @ £15
FREE bar snacks

Feb 17

We Pour Premium

By Brian Craig | the loft blog

We Pour Premium.

This is a series detailing the House Pouring Brands here at The Loft Lounge. A campaign with the simple objective to inform you, our Loft Lovers, that you are getting only the finest quality products 100% of the time. Whether you order and sprit and mixer or a cocktails you’ll know it’s only made with the finest ingredients. It’s safe to say that we are the only bar in Eastbourne with a collection like this.

Absolut-221x300First up Absolut Vodka.

From seed to sip, every drop of Absolut Vodka is expertly crafted by generations of farmers and distillers from the small village of Åhus, Sweden – in a region with more than 400 years of superior vodka-making expertise.

What’s their secret? High quality, locally sourced ingredients – pristine aquifer water & pure winter wheat (the latter carefully selected in partnership with 450 local farmers).

These high quality ingredients, in conjunction with the care and attention of a village that has been crafting vodka since 1879, results in a smooth, rich vodka that transforms any cocktail.

Absolut is certainly no Chekov and is far superior to it’s rivals Smirnoff!

1-Beefeater-Gin-201x300Beefeater London Dry Gin.

Created by James Burrough in the 1800s, Beefeater is the only international premium distilled gin that is produced in the centre of London. Even the name Beefeater has its roots in the city. Inspired by the yeoman warders – also known as Beefeaters – who have always stood watch at the Tower of London.

The quality of James Burrough’s gin was first recognised at the International Exhibition of 1873 when it received the coveted Gold Medal. Ever since then, Beefeater Gin has won more awards than any other gin and is consistently placed in the top three at the world’s most prestigious spirit competitions.

Unlike many of our competitors Beefeater is still bottled at 40% abv ensuring maximum flavour and enjoyment in every bottle.

10628122_10152571379434541_9161628177755587270_n-101x300Havana Club Añejo Especial

“Ageing makes our rum
smooth, double ageing makes it especial!”

Havana Club Añejo Especial is a unique and different premium golden rum since it has been finished in specially selected barrels before final blending. The use of selected young white oak barrels for the second finish or double ageing process of the rums creates a unique taste profile.
It’s a delight to taste, as it is round with some creaminess and notes of vanilla and caramel, hint of tobacco, cinnamon & orange peel.

Havana Club rum is the only choice when it comes to the classic Mojito.

10305031_10152573415504541_4921388668133538152_n-196x300Chivas Regal Aged 12 Years Blended Scotch Whisky.

The Prince of Whiskies.

Rich and fruity, Chivas bursts with the smooth taste of ripe, honeyed apples, and notes of vanilla, hazelnut and butterscotch.

‘The blend for grown-ups, for people who have made their rites of passage and are ready to enjoy their success. Sweet, but not cloying. Buxom, but not overblown. Balanced. 9/10.’ Paul Pacult in Whisky Magazine April 2000.

Have that Wetherspoons!

Dec 17

The Loft Lounge Bar Staff Problems

By Brian Craig | the loft blog

Xmas-Jumper-Party-212x300The festive period is in full swing, supposedly “The most wonderful time of the year”. If you work in the hospitality industry you’ll know that it is definitely the busiest and most stressful time of year, ‘December drinkers’ descend into your establishment and there are some colourful characters among them but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Whilst writing this we have a group of car mechanics on a staff do, Wham – Last Christmas is playing and one chap has turned to his friend and said “Who would have thought it, us lot drinking cocktails and listening to George Michael, Merry Christmas Lads” December is a brilliantly unique time to work in a bar.

Simply because we ‘know the feeling’ the Loft would like to help it’s fellow hospitality workers by offering them 15% off all products every sunday after a tough weekend, just bring a pay slip and you’ll get your discount!

The offer will of course start next Sunday 21st at The Loft’s Christmas Jumper Party, with live band The Normans. See you there!
Xmas Jumper Party

Continuing with the theme of loving our fellow hospitality brothers and sisters, and because our favourite thing to do after a shift is discuss how brilliantly bizarre and predictable serving the nation can be; I present to you:

The Loft Lounge Bar Staff Problems. (Disclosure: No offence is intended and all comments are meant in jest)

Surprise-300x222“Surprise Me!”
It’s busy – I can feel hundreds of eyes burning through me on my stage which is simply a bar station – waiting to be served, and you have no idea what drink you’d like? “Surprise me!” requires several questions and can be a fun game when the bar is quiet but when busy expect a pint of anti bacterial table cleaner!

Ordering A Stupidly Big Round One At A Time

As bar tenders we have the amazing ability to remember more than one drink at a time. My personal favourite moments are when customers order a rum and coke, then once you’ve made it they order, yep, a rum and coke. God forbid the same thing happening with cocktails!

Customers Rudely Butting In When You’re Serving Someone Else

Hold up mate, you can not be serious. Seriously just leave. I go to bed and have nightmares about this customer.

BEan-300x199Your Mates All Expecting Free Drinks

I’d rather not get fired, and don’t look at me with that ridiculous Mr Bean smile! If you worked in retail I wouldn’t come into the apple store and say “Chuck us a free iPad”.

Destroying A Full Meal At 4am Like It’s Normal

Sometimes I only get through a shift thinking about the greasy takeaway I’m having after. We might even decided to have a beer or four. Also when we split the tips from our 8 hour shift and manage to scrape together £1.99 we know with help from the bus voucher used to get to work we can afford a chicken sandwich and fries. Get in!

Complaining Of Boredom When The Place Is Dead And Not Being Able To Cope When Everyone Comes In At Once

Hours singing to myself renovating glasses wondering what value I add. Then the unexpected rush comes; hours of sweating and running around after drunk people who are always right, even when they are not. Its always one or the other!

Spending All Your Wages At Work
Having massive beer fear, what did I do last night? Knowing full well if you did not work there you would be barred. For Life.

“What Drinks Do You Sell?”

Hold on a minute, let me just recite the 400+ possibilities of what you could drink here, it’s not like there are people waiting. This is especially annoying with the variation of “What beers do you have?” Look with your eyes not your mouth!

Get-Out-300x239The One Night Stand Public Display Of Affection

You know the pair. Like mother bird feeding her chicks, you can’t quite work out whether they’re being affectionate, or whether someone should alert the authorities. They’re usually straddled over the barstool towards the end of the night and are practically having sex on the drip tray to Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud.

Starting To Lose All Sense Of Time

During the shift I’m ready to fall asleep on the bouncer. As soon as I get home I’m up, alert, and there is only live casino on the telly.

really-bad-hangover-300x200Working On A Hangover Means Getting Up Close And Personal With The Enemy

How anybody could want alcohol ever, when your in a hangover is inconceivable. The look, the smell and the taste are close to pushing you over the edge.

Smashing A Glass And The Whole Bar Choruses ‘WHEYYYY’

The age old cliché. I’m well aware I’m a clumsy klutz thank you. I do quite enjoy my colleagues attempts to add to the whole charade some bow some even ‘WHEYYY’ themselves.

Split. Shifts.

When The Customer Shouts ‘HOW MUCH?’ Like You Set The Prices.

You’ve just ordered 15 different drinks buddy, I’m a bartender, not a mathlete! Just give me the money and I’ll grab some change.
When Someone Holds Out Their Money And Leans Over The Bar So You’ll Serve Them First
This may just be me but I’m always like… NOBODY ELSE HAS MONEY, DO THEY? This also includes clicking, and waving us down. We are not a bus!

The Customer With The Ridiculous Order

It’s verging on last orders and you are in the zone. Cocktails are being made at light speed… “A coffee please”… Seriously.

samuel-l-jackson-top-11-pulp-fiction-300x199When Somebody Moans About The Price When They Are Clearly Loaded

They just ordered four double Belvedere & cranberry, a double Hendrick’s & tonic, plus the most expensive cocktail you sell. Then they want to complain to you about the cost, when you’re scraping £6.50 an hour to serve this clown. No you won’t need a mortgage to buy this round you little comedian.

Asking To Charge Their Phone Behind The Bar

Really people, you are in a bar, a hub of social activity. Why not try actually talking to somebody? Plus I lent my iPhone charge out and It never came back. You need a mortgage to buy those apple chargers! Now who is the comedian.

The Drunken Oaf Who Knocks Over A Full Drink Onto Your Clean Bar Top

Okay so we’ve all done it but it doesn’t stop it being so so annoying. Especially the helpful drunken oaf who is bringing his glasses over and drops one all over the clean bar. Thanks.

People Who Ask You To Make It Strong

This includes asking for less ice, tall glasses, or anything else. The same booze is going in mate. It’s probably the best way to get a bartender to slightly under pour your drink.

Ordering A Single Drink And Then Trying To Pay By Card.

Even with contact-less technology this is a horrible problem. There is a £5 limit sorry, and yes you’ll have to buy something else. I’ll just recite every crisp, nut and olive flavour we have, then you’ll find some cash. In addition there is always an awkward eternity waiting for the card machine to process.

Asking For Some Obscure Drink They Had Once But Can’t Really Remember

It has raspberry in it, but was yellow and I think it began with a ‘U’. Hmmm, I can’t help you sorry. I’ll just have a Vodka RedBull. Yep, thought so.

Ripping Up Stuff On The Bar Like They’re An Infant

Why do people deem this necessary? If you didn’t want the card receipt just bin it. Its also really unhelpful to put all the little bits in you glass. I’m just finding bits of black napkin everywhere!

guiness-300x229Not Ordering The Guinness First

Customers of the world, Take Note!

Almost Every Branded Pint Glass Is Either Too Wide, Too Tall, Or Too Stupid To Be Useful

If you sell Rekorderlig in your establishment you’ll know that those little buggers are far to tall and skinny, posing as the super models of the glass world, that once upside down in a glass tray they will try their best to just fall and smash in to tiny little pieces.

Glasses-300x225Glass Washing Machines Are The Single Best Way To Immediately Become Hot And Sweaty

No need to go to a spa just put your face next to an open glass wash. However if you wear glasses like myself, you are in trouble, instantly they will steam up and you’ll look like the Cliché nerd.

Getting Trapped In A Heated Standoff When 2 People Are Arguing Over Who’s Paying For The Round

I have a lovely old fashioned and sexist tip for bartenders. Take the guys money. But if two big, angry bald men are both shoving a £50 note in your face, insisting on paying what do you do? Lamely suggest rock, paper, scissors! It’s a very similar situation to…

arguingWhen There’s A Domestic Going Off At The Bar And You’re Trying To Give Them Their Change

A bar tender sees no evil, hears no evil, but he or she will definitely share your evil. Nothing is more awkward than trying to give 45p back to a gentleman in a blazing row because Jemma sent nudes to his best mate Ricky.

The University Student Prankster

Before you take 50 straws for one drink think; do I need these straws or am I being a massive arse?

Glasses In The Toilets After You’ve Cleaned The Glass Wash

“Is there anymore glasses?” has been shouted during close probably four times. You spend 10 minutes cleaning the glass wash then boom. Charlie brings down 15 glasses from the upstairs toilet. Errrgh.

I Enjoy Listening To The Same Playlist Every Friday And Saturday Night

Said no bartender ever. You may keep requesting Miley Cyrus, Clean Bandit and Uptown Funk but you are stuck with R Kelly, okay! I’m a bartender not a DJ.

The Moment You Accidentally Make Eye Contact With A Waiting Customer While Serving
Big Mistake.

Are You Coming Out Saturday For My Birthday?

I’d love to. Honesty I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my saturday. Unfortunately I need 15 years notice and to sacrifice four fingers to get a saturday off. Sorry.

roll-neck-300x178Hating Drunk People, Or People In General

You may think you look suave, smooth and sexy in your short dress or roll neck and blazer. However the reality is you look like a knock off Lindsey Lohan or Ron Burgundy. You are dribbling and wide eyed and it’s the same every week!
roll neck.

However, I’ve worked in the industry for several years now, have made unbreakable friendships and unforgettable memories. The massive irony is that bartenders will be guilty of all of the above sins and most probably will be ten times worse on their next day off. I’d say a high percentage of the nation has had their time behind a bar at some point so how about a cheeky share of this blog.

Don’t forget your 15% discount on Sundays to come and share your horror stories. See you at the Christmas Jumper Party.

Blog By Connor.

Oct 08

2014 Summer Review – What Was Your Highlight?

By Brian Craig | the loft blog

As mentioned by Joe in the previous blog post, winter is well and truly on it’s way! No doubt your annoying friend will have already told you how many weeks it is until christmas (11 by the way) and the card shops and supermarkets started stocking christmas tat back in September – which is quite simply madness! Who buys it that early?! Anyway, I thought it was the perfect time to have a little look back at our summer of 2014 in Eastbourne and of course here at The Loft.

eastbourne_g_1920917i-300x187Tennis Town

Eastbourne once again went tennis mad for the Aegon International , and we all tried to get our faces on BBC 2! Young American Maddison Keys was victorious this year and received the trophy from our beloved Martina Navratilova. Fun fact – Navratilova has previously been presented with the key to Eastbourne! Some familiar faces from The Loft were invited to the tennis by our friends at Belvedere Vodka and enjoyed far to many glasses of champagne, blaming there hangovers on sunstroke…
Remember Ladies and Gents we offer Belvedere bottle service here at The Loft, both 70cl and 1.75lt bottles (all mixers are included) – a perfect way to start the party!


Controversial headliners Metallica won over all doubters at this years Glastonbury, with their ‘HEAVY’ pyramid stage performance. Dolly Parton drew in the biggest crowd ever – according to festival organiser and farm owner Michael Eavis – and 140,000 people doing a flash mob to ’9 to 5′ was definitely a special moment to say the least! British rockers Kasabian closed the festival with their anthemic rock, with the crowds jumping to a hit-filled set despite the 5inches of mud. Quite simply Kasabian were on ‘Fire’!

10653530_10152446300139541_3712432314321624133_n-211x300Wellies – however – will not be needed at this months ‘LUNGFEST’, an evening of live music on behalf of the CF Trust that The Loft are proud to be hosting! Some of the acts confirmed include; The Normans; The Fo Sho’s; Harry Court; DJ Fergus and Charlie Tipler among others. Tickets are £3 and include a free spirit and mixer which is usually priced at £3.90! The full £3 will go straight to the CF trust, so come and grab your ticket at the bar. Friday 24th october… put it in your diaries people.

Germany Go Brazil Nuts

A crazy world cup took place in Brazil this year, with some weird and wonderful moments as always – oh and 64 games of football. England disappointed (were we really that surprised?) and Germany won, but what we will really remember is that beautiful Van Persie header; Vampire Suarez; the Colombian team’s ‘happy dance’; that HUGE bug on top scorer James Rodriguez shoulder; the crazy 7-1 semi-final; and Messi’s face as he won ‘Player of the Tournament’ after losing the final. However I think we can all agree, the real winner was – of course – Gillette Shaving Foam aka ‘vanishing spray’. Germany really gave the world a lesson in football this time round!

rodriguez1_2965188b-300x187Did you know, you too could have a lesson here at The Loft – but not on football, on cocktails! See what I did there?! Subtle I know… It’s a little known fact that we do an awesome Cocktail Master Class and here are some emails we’ve received recently singing our praises;
“A big thank you for making my birthday a resounding success. My friends were thrilled by the whole thing and amazed that such things such as a cocktail class existed…they need to get out more” – well, we certainly agree with that! “Thank you for accommodating my requests so readily and with a smile, it’s greatly appreciated and the best customer service I have experienced in some time. There’s no single thing to find fault with!” A big thanks to Charlie and Nick for this one.
A second indulgent email regarding our CMC reads “Nick was a fantastic host and we thoroughly enjoyed the class. Connor couldn’t have been more welcoming and attentive, Miss P invented a new cocktail which she is determined to get on the menu” – this is currently in discussion… “Food was delicious. Highly recommended and it goes without saying that we will be back. There were a couple of ‘Loft Virgins’ and they are now fully converted” That’s another big thanks to Nick and myself (Connor), we’re also so modest here at The Loft…

Reds-600-300x144Eastbourne Pier Fire

Sadly this year a fire ravaged through our beloved pier. Six Fire Crew units, and the Life Boat service were called to tackle the blaze, and our town was once again plastered all over national news. However we have bounced back and after only two months we find the pier open once again! Visitors are able to access two-thirds of the 144 year old Grade II listed attraction after walkways have been constructed to make it safe once again. Even in it’s gutted and shelled state it still has a beauty to it, especially with the sun shining through the skeleton as it rises and falls.

Speaking of the pier, have you tried The Loft’s exclusive and far improved version of the Sex On The Beach cocktail? Simply named Sex Under The Pier, it’s proving to be favourite – Absolute Vodka, Raspberry & Melon Liqueur shaken with Pineapple Juice then poured over ice. It’s even 2 for 1 on our ‘Mixed Up Mondays’ so why not give it a go?!

Record Breaking AirBourne

The term ‘disaster tourism’ springs to mind after the Pier fire and a record-breaking number of visitors descended upon Eastbourne’s coastline over the course of the weekend. We had sunny days and we had rainy ones, after all it wouldn’t be AirBourne without unpredictable weather! That said, it was an amazing atmosphere and the Red Arrows always bring the party!

Celebrities Who Are Sadly Off The Market

There is a new trend occurring among A-list celebrities – you have no idea they’re dating anybody so you they let you believe you have a chance, then BAM they get married. I had this same problem with Cheryl Cole, needless to say, I woke up one morning this summer completely heart broken…

The Nation’s Sweetheart and Frenchman Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, 33, reportedly tied the knot on a beach in Mustique in front of just four witnesses after a mere three months of dating! She doesn’t speak french she just lets the ‘funky music do the talking’ (that’s one for the Girls Aloud fans among you).

Cheryl_Cole-300x199It wasn’t just male hearts breaking as hollywood silver fox George Clooney married Amal Alamuddin in front of family and a host of popular celebrities (and Bono) in Venice, Italy this week.

On the subject of nuptials, this is the perfect opportunity to again shout out some of our staff for doing an awesome job! How self indulgent of us… We hosted a wedding reception, with the bride and groom looking just as gorgeous/handsome as Cheryl Cole and George Clooney.George-Clooney-wedding-George-Clooneyand-Amal-Alamuddin-wedding-Vanity-Fair-Italy-cover-300x300

We received an email shortly after – “The day went perfectly! Our group arrived slightly earlier than expected, but were pleased to find your staff well-prepared and ready to served the champagne (the strawberry was a lovely touch). The decorations we brought had been thoughtfully arranged, the cakes picked up and the staff were very accommodating. Our guests enjoyed the food and were thrilled with the selection. Lexi was a very enthusiastic hostess and we enjoyed working with her”. So a massive well done to Lexi and her team, Nick (with a hatrick now), JJ and Maisie!

anchorman-love-scotch-movie-poster-PYR33151-198x300Scotland Says No

The people of Scotland decided to continue their 300-year union with the rest of us, so for now the UK has survived! Andy Murray and Mel Gibson couldn’t help Alex Salmond’s YES Campaign achieve FREEDOM (note: read that last part in your best Braveheart impression) with a 55% majority voting No.

Pro-independence campaigners were disappointed, but insist the high turnout (85%) shows there’s an appetite for change. Few would disagree, and accept the result doesn’t mean Britain goes back to business as usual – even those uninterested in politics watch on with an eager eye.

We all know what Scotland really does best… Whiskey. We offer a wide range of scotches here at The Loft from all four regions, both blended and single malt, so just ask your bartender!

I’m sure you’ll agree Summer 2014 was eventful, but it’s time to dust off your winter coats (hoping to find a fiver in one of the secret pockets from last year) and get down to the bar where it’s warm and friendly! We all hope to see you all very soon (especially Nick, who will no doubt be fishing for more compliments…)


Sep 10

Full Time Chef Required!

By Brian Craig | the loft blog

Full time Chef.

We are the Loft Lounge & Bar in Eastbourne and we require a Full time Chef to fill the position of Second Chef, helping the head chef to run a small kitchen in an independent well established bar & restaurant with a diverse international menu.

We are expanding our food offering to include an evening service so this is the perfect opportunity for a self-motivated person to further their career and help to develop our existing popular menu and brand. Our menu is designed to cater for all tastes and we pride ourselves on our flexibility, which allows us to always meet the customer’s preferences.

The responsibilities along with the head chef and management will include creating annual menu changes, food costing, health and safety, ordering, stocktakes, and waste control. Candidates will work within a small team consisting of the Head Chef and kitchen assistants of whom good communication will need to be kept with them to ensure high standards are maintained and the dishes are being produced correctly and consistently. Some days you will be working alone so you must be comfortable with every aspect of the kitchen, prepping for the day ahead, producing dishes to order, clearing down at the end of the shift, and ordering for the following day.

Good organisational skills are a must as the kitchen is very compact and there must be a good understanding of food ordering to minimise wastage and health and safety and food hygiene to maintain our 5 star hygiene rating. Candidates will need to be able to work well with the front of house staff and management team as we are a tight knit team and display a high level of enthusiasm, motivation and skill.

Specific working hours or shift patterns can be considered for the right person, eg. days or nights only but Saturdays are a must.


  • £8.50 per hour paid weekly plus tips with wage increasing as business grows.
  • 37 – 44 hours per week
  • 4-5 days a week inclusive of Saturdays with 2 days off
  • 21 days holiday per annum


  • Good health and safety knowledge
  • Basic food hygiene certificate
  • Good organisational skills
  • Team player
  • Enthusiasm & motivation
  • Good cooking skills and creative flair


  • Assisting the creation annual menu changes
  • Ordering stock
  • Stock & waste control
  • Maintaining high standards of food produced & food hygiene

This is a great opportunity for an individual who wants work for an organised and professional venue.

To apply please send an email and covering letter to

If we like what we see candidates will be invited to attend an interview and a trial shift.

We look forward to hearing from you. Good Luck!

Jun 17

World Cup 2014 – You either love it or you hate it!

By Brian Craig | the loft blog

With the world cup kicking off in 24 days in the beautiful Brazil, it’s time to start getting prepared!

Down here at the Loft, we will be showing all the games, and all England games will be with full sound!

We know that there are mixed feelings about the world cup so we have 10 random fun facts for those who love it! And 10 survival tips for those who don’t ( particularly aimed at those who are going to lose their partners for a month).

Either way, a few essential facts leading up to the event:

Host country      Brazil
Dates      12 June – 13 July
AFC (4)
  •  Australia (57)
  •  Iran (49)
  •  Japan (44)
  •  South Korea (56)
CAF (5)
  •  Algeria (32)
  •  Cameroon (59)
  •  Ghana (23)
  •  Ivory Coast (17)
  •  Nigeria (33)
  •  Costa Rica (31)
  •  Honduras (34)
  •  Mexico (24)
  •  United States (13)
  •  Argentina (3)
  •  Brazil (11) (hosts)
  •  Chile (12)
  •  Colombia (4)
  •  Ecuador (22)
  •  Uruguay (6)
UEFA (13)
  •  Belgium (5)
  •  Bosnia and Herzegovina (16)
  •  Croatia (18)
  •  England (10)
  •  France (21)
  •  Germany (2)
  •  Greece (15)
  •  Italy (9)
  •  Netherlands (8)
  •  Portugal (14)
  •  Russia (19)
  •  Spain (1)
  •   Switzerland (7)


Belo Horizonte – Brasilia – Cuiabá – Curitiba – Fortaleza – Manaus – Natal – Porto Alegre – Recife – Rio de Janeiro – Salvador – São Paulo.

Random Facts: 

1. During FIFA World Cup 2010, every time you would search the words “World Cup” or “FIFA” on Google instead of saying the word “Goooo…gle” on the page indicator at the bottom of every result it would say “Goooo…al!” instead.

2. The eternal flame at Arc de Triomphe in Paris has only been extinguished once: by drunken Mexican football fans who urinated it after the final of 1998 World Cup, when France defeated Brazil.

3. Oliver Kahn is the only goalkeeper in the history of FIFA World to have won the Golden Ball trophy.

4. India withdrew from the 1950 World Cup when they realized that according to FIFA regulations players had to wear football boots and would not be allowed to play barefoot.

5.  The record for most defeats suffered by a nation in World Cups is held by Mexico with 20 losses

6. The only two players to have scored in four consecutive finals tournaments in 1958, 1962, 1966 & 1970 are Pele of Brazil and Uwe Seeler of West Germany.

7. Since 1954 when Germany liftet the World Cup for the first time, they’ve been among the last 8 nations every single time. No other team has been that consistent.

8. At the 1974 World Cup, Scotland was the only team to be undefeated.

9.A unique record is held by José Batista of Uruguay who was sent off within the first minute on 13 June 1986.

10. Italy broke the World Cup soon after receiving it in 2006. A large piece of the green malachite which surrounds the base was chipped off during their wild celebrations.


1. Remember it is only for one month, once every four years (or every two years if you count the Euros as well).

2. Go through the fixture list with you partner and find out what dates and times they will be watching matches. Take the opportunity to plan to do things that you would enjoy doing without them, like meeting up with other friends, booking in a massage or settling down with your favourite DVD.

3. If a fixture is in the diary, do not accept any joint invitations for that date: no weddings, no christenings, birthday parties or family gatherings unless there is a guarantee that there will be a big screen, plenty of beer and time set aside to watch the game, for anyone interested. Do not under any circumstances suggest that your partner records it and watches it later.

4. Book in fun things to do as a couple or ask for jobs to be done on the days when there are no matches in the diary.

5. If you decide to watch a match with your partner, avoid talking your way through it, commenting on a player’s looks or asking stupid questions.

6. Similarly, if you don’t understand the offside rule, or any other rule for that matter, ask for an explanation before a match but never during one.

7. Make sure the fridge is stocked with some great snacks and your partner’s favourite drinks.

8. Suggest your partner gets together with his or her friends (that you don’t much like) to watch the match when you aren’t around. That way they get to catch up and you won’t have to see them.

9. If England loses a match and your partner is in a foul mood, remember it is not personal and steer clear from discussing any contentious issues until they have got over their sulk.

10. Finally, if you do all of the above, you will be in serious credit in your relationship.

Either way, make sure to join us down here at the loft, and enjoy a Caipirinha!


Jun 17

World cup fever

By Brian Craig | the loft blog

world-cup-copyOur flags have arrived, the tv screens polished and the sound system checked. we are ready for the world cup. Are you?

we are showing every game and all of the big games with commentary and if there is a small you want to watch with your friends we can accommodate this also. we have many reasons why we are the best venue to watch the world cup in and it’s looking like an exciting competition this year. check out our poster for all the offers and first class facilities we offer and be sure to check the link after for the 10 most exciting word cup match ups!

the 10 most exciting world cup match ups