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Created in Havana, Cuba. A simple blend of fresh lime juice, mint, sugar & white rum. first thought to have been used by Sir Francis Drake to help cure his crew of illnesses, using the lime, sugar & mint to mask the taste of the rum


A true classic! Served dry, with dry vermouth using your choice of gin or vodka. Can be served ‘wet’ or ‘dirty’ (with an olive) Or add some flavour by having strawberry, apple or raspberry 

Pina Colada£8.00

If you like pina coladas!... Then order this drink 

Sex on the Beach£8.00

You don’t have to giggle when ordering this... we know what you mean! vodka & peach schnapps mixed with cranberry & orange juice 

Long Island Iced Tea£8.00

Named after the famous island in New York. Equal parts vodka, gin, white rum, tequila & orange liqueur with a squeeze of fresh lemon layered on top of coca-cola


White rum mixed with fresh lime & sugar. Add passion fruit, strawberry or raspberry if you like it fruity or coconut or vanilla syrup if you fancy something different


This drink was further popularised by it’s frequent mention on Sex & the City. Citrus vodka mixed with orange liqueur, fresh lime juice & cranberry

Old Fashioned£8.00

In New York, 1806, a paper editor defined ‘cocktail’ as “a potent concoction of spirits, bitters, water & sugar.” After many years this became referred to as an ‘Old Fashioned’. Here we use knob creek small batch bourbon, sugar, angostura & orange bitters stirred over Ice 


The famous & delicious Mexican cocktail. Simple & effective, blending tequila with fresh lime juice & orange liqueur. Choose either a salt or sugar rim 

Vietnamese Whirl£8.00

“The Vietnamese whirl” is an orange gin and vodka infusion inspired by endeavours to small villages of ethnic minorities in central and south Vietnam. Drinking this may send you to La Drang, the mountains and caves of Phong Nha or possibly even the Cu Chi Tunnels. (Credit Scott Backler)

Simply the Zest£8.00

Our Patron Silver sour made with lavender infused gomme. Sweet, smooth and Simply the Zest. (Credit Bryony Anderson)

Knock Down Ginger£8.00

Delicious mix using muddled Ginger, a sprig of rosemary, Thomas Dakin Gin, Citrus vodka, Orange Liqueur, Grapefruit and Lemon Juice, elderflower and sugar syrup. A lot goes into this and a lot come out. (Credit Ben Chaffin)


A great blend of White rum, Melon liqueur, Lime juice and kiwi puree, topped with lemonade. Bringing in some new ideas and they really work! (Credit Corey Morrison)

Black Sails£8.00

A dark mixture containing Ron Zacapa rum, Chocolate Liqueur, Orange and Angostura bitters, sprayed with heavy helping of Perdo Ximinez sherry. Hints of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange here.

Brighton Rocker£8.00

A favourite from last years summer party. Lavender Infused Brighton Gin, Elderflower Syrup, Lemon juice, Blue Curacao and egg white. Shaken down to produce a vibrant and delicious finish.

Hemingway Daiquiri£8.00

A legendary cocktail named after a legendary man. A daiquiri with added grapefruit juice and maraschino Liqueur.

Kilty Pleasure£8.00

Glenfiddich Scotch shaken with Orange Liqueurs, Lemon, Orange Juice and Grenadine. An easy way to drink Scotch.

Champagne Supernova£8.00

Lightly muddled Kumquats with sugar syrup. Topped with a measure of Grand Marnier and Champagne. 

Mango and Chilli Margarita£8.00

Another twist on a classic adding mango puree to the already legendary tequila cocktail with a chilli salt rim. 

Not Your average G&T£8.00

Muddled Kumquats with sugar syrup, Mint leaves, all stirred up with Thomas Dakin gin and topped with Mediterranean Tonic.

So Long & Thanks for all the Gin£8.00

Some of you might get the film reference... But I guess dolphins would like this cocktail as well! The amazing Martin Miller’s gin shaken with elderflower syrup, fresh lemon juice, cucumber & strawberries & a pinch of pepper.


Botter Prosecco

Glass: £5.75 – Bottle: £25.00

Perrier Jouet Champagne

Glass: £8.50 – Bottle: £50.00


Bottle: £80.00

Laurent Perrier N.V.

Bottle: £100.00

Laurent Perrier Rosé

Bottle: £130.00

Perrier Jouet Rosé

Glass: £10.00 – Bottle: £60.00

Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque

Bottle: £200.00

Laurent Perrier Rosé Magnum

Bottle: £180.00

Veuve Clicquot Magnum

Bottle: £130.00


Bottle: £275.00


Loft-Ness Monster – £3.50

A large shot with absinthe and goldschlager layered on top of almond syrup


A classic large shot with kahlua, bailey’s and cointreau all layered in a large shot glass 

Fruit Pastille£3.50

Raspberry, melon and orange liqueur all layered in a large shot glass

Almond Schnapp£2.50

Amaretto and butterscotch schnapps layered in a shot glass for those with a sweet tooth 


Vodka and melon liqueur layered in a shot glass for something refreshingly different



Pravha (4.0%)

Half: £2.10 Pint: £4.20

Stella Artois (4.8%)

Half: £2.25 Pint: £4.50

Vedett Extra Blond (5.2%)

Half: £2.60 Pint: £5.20

Crafty Blonde (4.1%)

Half: £2.40 Pint: £4.80

Grolsch (5.0%)

Half: £2.90 Pint: £5.80

Guinness Extra Cold (4.1%)

Half: £2.25 Pint: £4.50

Goose Island IPA (5.9%)

Half: £2.70 Pint: £5.40


Stella Cidre Draught (4.5%)

Half: £2.25 Pint: £4.50

Rekorderlig Draught (4%)

Pint: £4.50

(Strawberry & Lime, Wild Berry, Mango & Raspberry)



Corona Extra 330ml (4.5%)​

Peroni 330ml (5.1%)​

Asahi Super Dry 330ml (5.0%)​

Peroni GF 330ml (5.0%)​

Harvey’s Best (4.0%)​

Leffe Blonde (6.6%)​

Delirium Blonde (8.5%) ​

Camden Hells 330ml (4.6%)

Camden Pale Ale 330ml (4.0%)


Raspberry Collins£4.50

Raspberry purée and cranberry juice mixed with sweet and sours then topped with lemonade

Pineapple Passion£4.50

Pineapple juice and passion fruit purée shaken with freshly juiced lemons and a grenadine splash

Taylor Made£4.50

Strawberries and raspberries shaken with cream, cranberry juice and sugar syrup

Virgin Mojito£4.50 

Mint muddled with sugar syrup and fresh squeezed limes with apple juice, crushed ice and soda

Apple Mojo£4.50

A couple of lime wedges muddled with fresh demerara sugar and a splash of soda. Adding mint, crushed ice, apple juice and passion fruit purée then stirring to blend the flavours


Carbonated Diet Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola, Lemonade£1.90£2.60

Available as 200ml or 570ml measures

Fruit Juice (still)£2.10

Orange, Cranberry, Apple, Pineapple. 300ml measure 

Real Fruit Juice£2.25

Strawberry, tomato, Peach. 200ml measure


Apple & Mango, Orange & Passion Fruit. 275ml 

Milkshakes – £3.25

All made fresh to order - Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry


Espresso – £1.80

Americano – £2.20

Cappuccino – £2.40

Mocha – £2.60

Latte – £2.40

Hot Chocolate (Served with Marshmallows, Chocolate Sauce & Whipped Cream) – £2.80

Flavoured Syrups (Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut) – £0.80

Liqueur Coffees – £4.50

Pot of Tea – £2.20

Tea Infusions – £2.60

(English Breakfast Decaff,  Earl Grey, Chocolate Tea, Mango Noir, Jasmine Pearls, Jade Tips, Moroccan Mint, Lemongrass and Ginger, Triple Mint, Chamomille, Red Berry + Hibiscus)

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