​Drinks Menu - ​VIP Lounge (​Upstairs)



​Martini Rose​ - £8.00
Absolut vodka mixed with Rose Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Triple sec and Peychauds bitters. A light pink colour and floral taste for something easy drinking.

Rhubarb Crumble​ - £8.00
Something for you Mary Berry lovers, Beefeater Gin shaken up with Rhubarb Liqueur and Bitters, Lemon juice and Vanilla Gomme.

Sensei Collins​ - £8.00
Interesting take on a classic by adding Sake rice wine. Shaken with Old Tom Gin, Lemon Juice, Gomme, Egg white and topped with Soda and Peychauds Bitters. A very soft, floral drink which will go down quicker than you realise.

Aperol O’Neil​ - £8.00
Local Gin, Mayfield mixed with Aperol and Kirsch Liqueur, Orange Juice, Gomme and Lemon juice for something Juicy with a herbal hint.

The Loft Sling - £8.00
Homage to the classic Singapore sling. Tanqueray, Cherry Heering, Apricot Brandy, Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice, Grenadine, Creole bitters, splash of soda and grated nutmeg on top. Long, Strong and Tasty.

Kumquat May​ - £8.00
A new favourite here, Muddled Kumquats, Havana 3 year, Wray & Nephew (Uncle Wray Wray) topped and stirred with Orgeat and Lychee juice with a light spray of flamed absinthe on top

Tropic Thunder ​- £8.00
A cocktail fresh from the tropics bringing together rum, mango and apricot liqueurs, with a dash of lime and orange. All shaken and served over crushed ice with a chilli salt rim to add the thunder “I don’t read the script, the script reads me”

Lady Livet-y​ - £8.00
Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch shaken with Benedictine, Rye Syrup, and small helpings of Lemon and Apple juice. Here it goes down, down in to my belly

Popcorn Old Fashioned​ - £9.00
Nikka Japanese whiskey infused with sweet and salted popcorn and stirred down with angostura bitters and sugar syrup. YUM!

Bear Hug ​- £8.00
Some Delicious Mezcal shaken with Honey Liqueur and Maraschino Liqueur and a couple of dashes of Jerry Thomas (What a Legend) Bitters.

Dwayne Ciroc Johnson​ - £8.50
Muddled Lemon Grass, Ciroc, Lemon Juice and gomme. All shaken with ice and topped with Laurent Perrier Champagne. You can imagine The Rock drinking something fancy like this right?

Mo’ Mango Mo’ Problems ​- £8.00
Green tea infused Vodka, Mango Puree, Mint, Lime and Orange Juice all mixed together for a delicious and healthy drink!

Gunfire at Noon​ - £8.00
Simple concoction of Havana 3 Year, Lime juice, Honey and Teapot bitters. Something easy maybe while you choose another cocktail.

Pornstar Martini​ - £8.00
Created by Douglas Ankrah it took the cocktail world by storm & there’s no surprise why! A delicious combination of vanilla vodka & vanilla sugar with passion fruit liqueur & purée & then a shot of prosecco on the side!

Espresso Martini​ - £8.00
Created by Dick Bradsell who also invented the Bramble. A blend of vodka, freshly ground coffee, kahlua & a dash of sugar

Raspberry Revolution​ - £8.00
Created by The Loft & one of the best selling cocktails ever! This drink mixes vodka, raspberry purée & liqueur over ice & topped with lemonade. You’ll be surprised with how easily this goes down

Solero​ - £8.00
Think of the yummy ice cream lolly... but you obviously want alcohol with that right? Well you can with this fusion of vanilla vodka & vanilla syrup, citrus vodka, orange liqueur, fresh lime & passion fruit purée

Mojito​ - £8.00
Created in Havana, Cuba. A simple blend of fresh lime juice, mint, sugar & white rum. first thought to have been used by Sir Francis Drake to help cure his crew of illnesses, using the lime, sugar & mint to mask the taste of the rum

Pina Colada​ - £8.00
If you like pina coladas!... Then order this drink

Long Island Iced Tea​ - £8.00
Named after the famous island in New York. Equal parts vodka, gin, white rum, tequila & orange liqueur with a squeeze of fresh lemon layered on top of coca-cola

Cosmopolitan​ - £8.00
This drink was further popularised by it’s frequent mention on Sex & the City. Citrus vodka mixed with orange liqueur, fresh lime juice & cranberry

So Long and Thanks for all the Gin​ - £8.00
Some of you might get the film reference... But I guess dolphins would like this cocktail as well! The amazing Martin Miller’s gin shaken with elderflower syrup, fresh lemon juice, cucumber & strawberries & a pinch of pepper

Davy Jones Locker​ - £8.00
Predicted to be the next big Loft favourite….especially for rum lovers! Kraken is shaken over ice with cinnamon syrup, apple juice & a hint of fresh lime. The kraken within will wrap around your taste buds

Pink Mojito​ - £8.00
Another twist on the Cuban classic! Swapping out rum for tequila & topping with cranberry juice to add a pinkish tint to the drink. Refreshing & will restore your faith in tequila


Botter Prosecco

Glass: £5.75 – Bottle: £25.00

Perrier Jouet Champagne

Glass: £8.50 – Bottle: £50.00


Bottle: £80.00

Laurent Perrier N.V.

Bottle: £100.00

Laurent Perrier Rosé

Bottle: £130.00

Perrier Jouet Rosé

Glass: £10.00 – Bottle: £60.00

Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque

Bottle: £200.00

Laurent Perrier Rosé Magnum

Bottle: £180.00

Veuve Clicquot Magnum

Bottle: £130.00


Bottle: £275.00


Loft-Ness Monster – £3.50

A large shot with absinthe and goldschlager layered on top of almond syrup


A classic large shot with kahlua, bailey’s and cointreau all layered in a large shot glass 

Fruit Pastille£3.50

Raspberry, melon and orange liqueur all layered in a large shot glass

Almond Schnapp£2.50

Amaretto and butterscotch schnapps layered in a shot glass for those with a sweet tooth 


Vodka and melon liqueur layered in a shot glass for something refreshingly different



Pravha (4.0%)

Half: £2.10 Pint: £4.20

Stella Artois (4.8%)

Half: £2.25 Pint: £4.50

Vedett Extra Blond (5.2%)

Half: £2.60 Pint: £5.20

Crafty Blonde (4.1%)

Half: £2.40 Pint: £4.80

Grolsch (5.0%)

Half: £2.90 Pint: £5.80

Guinness Extra Cold (4.1%)

Half: £2.25 Pint: £4.50

Goose Island IPA (5.9%)

Half: £2.70 Pint: £5.40


Stella Cidre Draught (4.5%)

Half: £2.25 Pint: £4.50

Rekorderlig Draught (4%)

Pint: £4.50

(Strawberry & Lime, Wild Berry, Mango & Raspberry)

Rekorderlig Bottled (4%)        ​£4.50
(Wild Berry, Mango & Raspberry)


Corona Extra 330ml (4.5%)​

Peroni 330ml (5.1%)​

Asahi Super Dry 330ml (5.0%)​

Peroni GF 330ml (5.0%)​

Harvey’s Best (4.0%)​

Leffe Blonde (6.6%)​

Delirium Blonde (8.5%) ​

Camden Hells 330ml (4.6%)

Camden Pale Ale 330ml (4.0%)


Raspberry Collins£4.50

Raspberry purée and cranberry juice mixed with sweet and sours then topped with lemonade

Pineapple Passion£4.50

Pineapple juice and passion fruit purée shaken with freshly juiced lemons and a grenadine splash

Taylor Made£4.50

Strawberries and raspberries shaken with cream, cranberry juice and sugar syrup

Virgin Mojito£4.50 

Mint muddled with sugar syrup and fresh squeezed limes with apple juice, crushed ice and soda

Apple Mojo£4.50

A couple of lime wedges muddled with fresh demerara sugar and a splash of soda. Adding mint, crushed ice, apple juice and passion fruit purée then stirring to blend the flavours



Riversdale Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, NZ    
Small Glass: £4.50
Large Glass: £5.75
Bottle: £17.00

San Giorgio Pinot Grigio, IT    
Small Glass: £4.50
Large Glass: £5.75
Bottle: £17.00

Sutter Home Chardonnay, USA    
Small Glass: £4.50
Large Glass: £5.75
Bottle: £17.00

Cape Mountain Chenin Blanc, SA    
Small Glass: £4.50
Large Glass: £5.75
Bottle: £17.00

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc
Bottle: £18.00

Paul Delane Chablis
Bottle: £19.00


Lomas Carrera Merlot, CL

Small Glass: £4.50
Large Glass: £5.75

Bottle: £17.00

El Coto Rioja Crianza, ESP

Small Glass: £4.50
Large Glass: £5.75

Bottle: £17.00

Pablo y Walter Malbec, ARG

Small Glass: £4.50
Large Glass: £5.75

Bottle: £17.00

Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon, CL
Bottle: £21.00


​Sutter Home White Zinfandel, USA

Small Glass: £4.50
Large Glass: £5.75

Bottle: £17.00

​Hecht & Bannier Cotes De Provence Rosé, FR

Small Glass: £​5.00
Large Glass: £​6.00

Bottle: £​20.00



Absolut - £90.00
Absolut Flavours - £95.00
Belvedere - £100.00
Grey Goose - £120.00
Crystal Head - £150.00


Beefeater - £90.00
- £90.00
- £95.00
- £95.00
Martin Millers
- £100.00
- £100.00


Havana Especial - £90.00
Havana 7 Year
- £100.00
Appleton Estate
- £110.00
- £90.00
Red Leg
- £90.00
Appleton Estate 12yr
- £120.00


Chivas Regal - £90.00
- £90.00
Jack Daniels
- £90.00
Johnnie Walker Black
- £100.00
Hibiki Harmony
- £150.00
- £100.00


Martell VS3 - £90.00
Courvoisier Exclusif
- £90.00
Courvoisier XO
- £200.00
Martell XO
- £250.00


Olmeca Blanco - £90.00
Olmeca Repasado
- £90.00
Patron Silver
- £120.00
Patron Café
- £100.00
Ilegal Reposado
- £150.00

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